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Health Resilience


Heath Resilience: Access to quality healthcare, health disparities, community health, infrastructure, rural & urban health, health & wellness, system & policies, mental, health, addictions, nutrition, infectious disease and preparedness


2-4 June 2020 Workshop
The 2-4 June 2020 workshop objectives were to define the related issue(s) for each component in order to provide synopsis of issue(s) and potential impact to Texas, identify known standards, gaps, barriers, and define possible solutions/potential funding opportunities. The workshop also defined current TAMU capacity and potential funding targets for development of interdisciplinary proposals.


2-4 June 2020 Workshop

  • Developed concept framework
  • Identification of health resilience priority issues;
  • Driving Forces – Pressure- State – Impact – Responses (DPSIR)
  • Develop Livable Texas Workshop focused on telehealth